Authentic Korthals Griffon Hunting Dogs
Our contact number is 506-999-4746
PAGESKA'S Bobcat Celtick, FDJ
Our National Field Club
CKC CH CFC CH Pageska's Ipenwoud Recce T, FDJ, JH, FD, FDA
with Paige Pettis, founder & Owner of PAGESKA
Gaby and Paige
John Allen - Gryphon Bird Control - Training at our facilities
Spring training has begun pictured here is Miss Madelyn Hammond with Pageska's Bite The Bullet aka Bully.
Our 14 puppies from our Design by Flash x Mustang Litter 2014
Our 11 puppies from our Design by Itus x Lucky Litter 2014

Welcome to our News Section - Contact 506-999-4746

Busy 2017 for Pageska's Griffons - Congratulations to all owners and handlers.

New Accomplishments 2017

Number 1 Griffon in Canada (Breed and All Breed) - Cinch

Number 1 Male Griffon Owner-Handled - Narvik

Multiple Best In Show FCC Elem - Baby - Puppy

6 x CKC Champions

2 x CKC Grand Champions

1 x AKC Champion

2 x NAVDHA UT Titles

18 x NAVDHA NA Titles

4 x NAVDHA NA Breeder Awards (TBC)

4 x FDJ Titles

1 x WDJ Titles

2 x NAVAHDA Eval

1 FCC Champion

Annie has started her heat and will be breed with Cinch, Canada's Number 1 Griffon around 25 Jan 2018. Pepper will also be bred when her heat starts.  I will post once pregnancy is confirmed

Paige Pettis at 506-999-4746

Pageska's FM3 Huge congratulations to Pageska's Bullet, Ruger and Scout for passing their NAVHDA Natural Ability Test - May 2014


Two of our young puppies training. For more information on our started dogs call 902-324-HUNT 506-208-4868 or email and ask for Paige or Gaby..


 Jean-Jacques with Flash's mom, grandmother and brother..

 Pascal with Briska and me with the incredible Champion - Outstanding!

 Gaby with Pierre Berges and Jean-Jacques Blanquiot at the beautiful home of Pierre.

 At the home of Pascal with one of his brids with Gaby holding baby Itus

 The long awaited happy day I pick up Itus with Pierre and JJ

 A precious gift from Jean-Jacques Blanquiot. Merci


***Great weekend at the Nova Scotia Hunt Outdoors Show for our Kennel and the Canadian Field Club.

Thank you to Dave Larder and Pageska's RB Ida Malley, FDJ, FD and  for Gaby and BBIS CH CFC CH Pageska's Ipenwoud Recce T, JH, FDJ, FD, FDA, for the demos. Thank you to Noah, Fred, and Brenda Pettis for helping out at the Pageska Booth. Fun time.***

Our Planned 2019 Litter
Reservations have started